WOW! Every Day She Said Hello To This Homeless Man. But One Day He Handed Her A Piece Of Paper… Amazing!!


Thousands of people passed without even noticing him, except one girl that stopped and said “Hello”. What happened next is unbelievable. I couldn’t hold back my tears at the end!

The story begins in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012. This is when she first met Raimundo, a man who has nothing, but is impossible to forget. Just one piece of paper given at the right moment can change your life. And this is exactly what happened. She walked down the street past the place Raimundo calls “The Island”- this is where he lives. When the girl said “Hello” the old man stretched his hand towards her and put a poem in her hand. “Hope is the heaviest weight a man can carry. It is the bane of the idealist. Signed: Conditioned”, was written in the poem and that words changed both of their lives, forever.

Raimundo is an old homeless poet, who dreams of only one thing. What do you think? Is it a home, is it a family or money? No! The old man, who lived on the street, who had the grass between two streets his home and called it “The Island” dreams only for people to see his poems. The wordsmith of the streets of Sao Paulo just wanted to be heard, and his new friend, a simple girl, walking on her way, who was the only one who bothered to acknowledge him, would make much more than that without even knowing. You can’t imagine what happened next.

The girl was determined to share this man’s work with the rest of the world. She offered to make a web page for his poems, so that people could see not only the homeless person living on “the Island”, but also the artist in him.

After the website went viral people started to talk to the old man. They gave him clothes and food, some just went to him to say Hey, I wanted to meet you. But wait. This is not all. The best part of the story is yet to come. One day, as the girl checked her e-mail and saw a massage from…

See the end of this unbelievable journey in this video:

Share it with your friends and family to remind them that there is always hope and things will get better.

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