What women REALLY look like: Artist appeals for everyday models of all shapes and sizes to pose for photographs to highlight body diversity and is inundated with offers

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What women REALLY look like 3Underneath, We Are… Women
The aim of the project is to photograph women wearing nothing but underwear. It is Amys way to show that no matter your shape, size, skin color and so on we are all women. Thats simple. But actually the aim is much more important. The artist points out it is time to educate society. I am sure she is not the only one who is sick and tired of these humiliating labels women put on themselves. So, actually, this simple project helps to reveal several ideas.

Forget about Beauty Standards.
Mass media, adverts, cinematography, modeling. All of these are propaganda of so called beauty standards, showing women with perfect figures, impeccable hair and make up. But who said if you are not a tall athletic blond you are not beautiful? Who said you should feel ashamed of your body if your boobs are small or your legs are not fitness perfect? Underneath that all there is a personality strong willed, determined, passionate, dedicated. This is what really matters. And if you think of these real beauty standards, every woman on the photo looks gorgeous no matter her body shape.

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