This Is Too Much! She Was Pulled Over And Asked To Give Here Son To The Policeman


Every night as we turn on the TV we here some terrible accidents, deaths and other gruesome facts. This is not just stressful, but it changes our perception of life and we expect the worst in everyone that we meet. More often than not we are absolutely correct. Even police officers, who are supposed to protect as, are perceived as people that will harm you. And sometimes, that’s exactly the case.

Nevertheless we are going to focus on the good and helpful police officers and one particular story that moved us beyond our normal skepticism towards the police force. This story made us believe, that there are truly officers of the law, dedicated to help and protect, not just to wait for you to mess up and give you a fine. This amazing story about a cop, who pulled over a woman and was about to tow her car made us cry, it made us smile, and it brought back our faith in humanity.

It all started one night when an officer pulled over a woman’s car. She was going home with her son. ”I got pulled over because my stickers are old and I need to renew my registration”, explains the woman. She knew that she was out of luck, because her documents had expired, but at that moment her little son Trevor started talking to the policeman. The officer asked the woman f she could roll down Trevor’s window, so they could talk. What happened next is just incredible. Such thinks can’t be seen every day.

When the window was down the officer saw the boy was playing with a miniature light-saber that lights up. The officer pulled out his flashlight and asked her son if he wanted to trade. Trevor accepted, so the officer gave him his torch and showed him how to make it blink really fast. “I Thought that was so cool of him”, the woman explained. “So I find my registration and give it to the policeman. He took it back to his car and a couple of minutes later I see him in the mirror. He is coming towards my car with his hat on. This could only mean trouble”, said the mother.

This is when the miracle happened. This is when this lonely mother got her faith in humanity back, and so did we. “I was sure he is going to tow my car and will give me thousands of dollars of fines. But when he got to me, he handed me 2 tickets for a little over 100 bucks and told me NOT to pay them at all, but to go to court. There, he assured me, the fine will be reduced and explained every step I should make”, she continued with her exciting story. The police officer had given her two warnings as well, but this was infinitely better than two more tickets.

The police officer confessed that he came back with his hat for a reason. He asked if it would be okеy if he took Trevor out of the car, give him his hat for a little bit, and take a photo with him. The mother agreed and she took her son out of his car seat and took a photo of him and the police officer. “We took the picture with his phone and afterwards he sent it to me. I was standing right next to him as he deleted the message so that he wouldn’t have my number in his phone. I didn’t even ask him to do that. I really couldn’t believe how cool he was”, she said.

“When I put Trevor back on his seat the police officer thanked me once more and explained that his son looked and behaved exactly like Trevor. He had died several months ago in an terrible accident and left this poor man with a hole in his heart. As he was telling me his story his eyes started to fill with tears. I hugged him and shed a couple of tears myself” explained the woman. “When he stopped me for me he was just the uniform, that will take my car, but just 10 minutes later I saw the real man behind the uniform, a man that lived through the biggest tragedy anyone can. I will never again see police officers the same way”, she confessed. And we agree. Under the police uniform there are real man and woman with their stories, their own lives and their happy moments and tragedies.


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