Shocking emails confirm Monsanto has been paying scientists to promote GMOs



Following a Freedom of Information Act request in early 2015, several scientists involved with pro-GMO efforts had their e-mails turned over as there was considered collusion between them and large agri-chemical companies like Dow and Monsanto they were marketing.

We made the request !

Within an effort to garner support both originators of GMO products and originators of all-natural products, unbiased scientists have lobbied to follow research. Frequently, these grants are for sums that are undisclosed. Additionally it is noticed the quantity of money coming from large ag companies like Monsanto screw up and Stonybrook and the sum apart, both all-natural food companies, out of the water.

A few of the scientists with funds from Monsanto, working didn’t wish to release their e-mail records and were worried. Bruce Chassy, former head of the University of Illinoiss food science department, responded by saying these requests will not be around logical conversation and was one such scientist. They can be wrong, unethical, and harmful. They may be trying to find words to twist and take when individuals are creating work consistent with all the scientific consensus, adding theres no reason to really go on a witch hunt.

It’s not shocking that lots of scientists working with Monsanto didn’t need their e-mail records released to the general public, what’s shocking is when they were released what a number of the e-mails disclosed.

The narrative is told, most concisely, in the e-mails of Dr. Kevin Folta, the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida. To help with biotechnology outreach Monsanto has given him an undisclosed quantity of grant money to speak favorably about GMOs.

The manager of harvest biometrics in a single e-mail to Folta, Michael Lohuis wrote at Monsanto that this can be a fantastic 3rd party strategy to developing

When the EPA was planning to tighten the regulations a meeting was encouraged to be set up between the EPA administrator as well as Folta.

Will there be a unified strategy to keep emphasis and pressure on EPAs evolving regulations? Have you ever considered having a little number of scientists request a meeting with Lisa Jackson (the EPA administrator in the time)? Said global scientific affairs group to Folta to the e-mail from Eric Sachs, leader of Monsantos.

Folta had the assembly as well as the suggestion dropped.

The e-mails reveal that they cover their travel and lodgings, picking up the check when they’re on business trips marketing the firm, though ag execs and the scientists point out the scientists arent being paid.

This can be a grey area that is moral. Can individuals be really objective when they have been receiving grants in the business they’re promoting?

Anti-GMO Activist Seeks to Expose Scientists’ Emails With Big Ag

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