OMG! You Won’t Believe What This 4-year Old Girl Can Do


This is a truly amazing. I’ve watched this video over 50 times and still I can’t stop replaying it. I’m sure you’ll do the same. What this father does with his daughter is just indescribable with words. Nevertheless I’ll try to introduce this piece of genius to you.

This is a video about a father and a daughter. But they aren’t ordinary family – they are talented and very, very likable. You will find a new meaning of the word love when you become familiar with their story, their music and their lives. Just keep on reading.

The story of the family starts many years ago when Dave is in college. He starts writing songs and playing on his guitar. Though he probably won’t admit it, the main goal was impress girls. Later he recorded some of his songs and though he never got worldwide fame he gained something much more valuable – the love of Ashley. Soon they got married and not long after that Dave and Ashley Crosby got their miracle – a beautiful daughter.

Little Claire is only 4 years old but she is a true sensation. She is charming, funny and has an opinion for everything. Probably this is the reason her parents made a YouTube channel for her, so that she can share her wittiness with the world. The best part is yet to come though. Your jaw will hit the ground when you see this.

Though being only three years old, Claire’s passion and talent in music is more than noticeable. She sings like an angel and you probably would mistake here for such if she puts on a costume with wings. She loves to sing with her dad and in her channel people may find some of their songs together. But among them there is one that is, to put it simply, priceless. Claire and her father Dave sing a Disney’s song from Toy Story – You Got A Friend In Me. OMG they are just amazing, you must see the video.

First of all there is the massage in the song. But that’s not all. You can actually feel the love Dave expresses to his daughter through his song. Claire’s behavior in the video is just amazing. Watch the video and you will see the birth of a true star

Share this experience with your loved ones and don’t forget to tell them “You Got A Friend With Me” in this magnificent way that they will never forget.

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