MONSTERS! They Did The Unthinkable With This Teen Girl


18-year-old Jacklyn Giraud is a high school student from France. She is busy studying very hard for her final exams. One day she went shopping with her mother. However she did not know that her life will turn into a nightmare on this day.

While Jacklyn was about and out, a modelling agency spotted her. Her dream had been to further her education by studying at Sciences Po, a respected university within Paris. Nevertheless she allowed herself get swept up in the world of glitter and sequins convincing herself it was the dream of all teenager girls. After joining the wanted Elite modelling organization, her personal journey into Hell began.

Young Jacklyn saw herself stuck in a brutal jungle where skinny bodies reign supreme. She recalls, nobody told me I needed to lose weight. Nevertheless I was told: around September, you will be involved in the Fashion Weeks, the size of the clothes are 32-34, and you need to fit in them.”

So, with determination, Jacklyn intentionally starved herself, losing about 22 pounds in 2 months. Her new diet? Just Three apples daily and sparkling water due to the fact that she felt full that way. She consumed a piece of fish and chicken once a week.

Her strategy “functioned!” Jacklyn, who is 5’10” and weighed around 103 pounds was booked for non-stop haute couture demonstrations in New York, Milan and Paris. She operated for popular brands like Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen and was among the twenty most sought-after models.

But behind the spotlight and glitter, was a very painful truth. Jacklyn had anorexia. “My pulse is very weak, I am losing my hair, I have osteoporosis, and I stopped seeing my period,” remembers the model. She self-confessed to fainting between numerous fashion shows.

The most puzzling part of the whole state of affairs? All of her images were being manipulated. She said, “They added weight to my cheeks and thighs. The girls that are working there today will say that I am lying. They cannot say anything if they wish to continue.” The girls would with resolve snack in front of the press to keep the faultfinders at bay, but several then vomit once the paparazzi have gone.

At the start of her adulthood, Jacklyn felt she’d lost herself. She felt depressed and alone and often times in deep distress. She had turned bulimic and could only see a way out. After 8 months of being a model, she make an attempt at suicide. Nobody understood. Everyone was telling me, ‘You’ve got a dream life,’ but I’ve never been so unhappy,” she confides.

Jacklyn, in conclusion decided to end her modelling career. Jacklyn, now 23, newly published a book titled, “Never Skinny Enough. The Diary of a Top Model,” in which she discloses everything. She divulges her experiences with the burdens to be thin, and the celebrated designers who she feels degrade the women they work with, treating them as if they are rough coat hangers. Karl Lagerfeld says, ‘a Chanel suit does not fit a woman that has breasts.’ But women are built to have breasts by default. Why can’t he make a particular suit for women?!?”

Last year, Jacklyn’s story motivated a new law to be approved in France. It’s objective is to stop models who’re too skinny from working. If someone tells you to lose some weight, run!, she tells teenage girls who want to be models. Thankfully, she endured the heartless jungle called professional modelling. Jacklyn now puts on a US size 6, and has high hopes of beginning on the stage again, probably in theatre.

Jacklyn is among the few models who dare to speak up to say the truth about the happenings behind the scenes within the fashion world. If her story touched you, or if feel you wish to raise consciousness about the dangers of consumption disorders, share this post with your family and friends.

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