He Must Be Stopped! See What Is Going To Be Trump’s Next Big Executive Order


The new US president Donald Trump is thinking about attacking the Moon with nuclear weapons. If you think that this is crazy, just wait till you find out how the decision about the executive order will be made!

Ever since The Donald’s inauguration he has made, to say it lightly, questionable decisions. This was expected by many people, but no one knew what was going to happen once Trump was in the Oval Office. The new president made 20 executive orders in his first 10 days in office. One of them was significantly more infamous than the others. The  “Muslim ban” spawned numerous protests, which were backed by thousands of demonstrators on the streets in major cities. Regrettably they hadn’t made much impact on Trump’s decision to forbid citizens from 6 major muslim countries to visit and seek asylum in the USA. All of this makes you think what will be the president’s next move? How low can Trump go? Read on to find out all his messed up plans for the future.

One of the worst things he is deciding whether to do or not is deploying nuclear weapons. This will be decided thanks to a wheel of decisions he has installed in the Oval Office. All he does is spinning the wheel with his hands and on whatever sector the marker stops, it will be made. In each sector there is a different decision – Take a month off, Buy all the world’s boats, Make Omarosa Poet Laureate, Repeal Obamacare, Nuke The Moon Just To See What Happens, Outlaw Falafel, Turn Yellowstone into a Six Flags, Fire All The Teachers, Make Taco Tuesday A National Holiday and others. This is truly the work of a mad man. Are you scared yet? Are you sitting on the edge of your chair wondering if this could possibly be true?.

Well it’s not. Although Trump’s policies are causing a lot of controversy around the world, he is not that crazy to nuke the Moon. All I wrote above is a satirical take on Trump by Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show host made fun of the president after he sparked massive protests just a few days after he stepped into office with his “Muslim ban”. In this fantastic video you can also see how Trump decides to give out posts and what his position on immigration as a whole is.
Definitely take a look at Fallon’s hilarious portrayal of Trump and how he decides the fate of the United States

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