Europe Could Be At War Thanks To Donald Trump. The World Is Soon To Follow…


A new war has begun in Europe and as we already know painfully well when Europe catches fire, so does the rest of the world. This time there is no ideology, there are no nationalistic movements and there are no attempts to conquer new territories. The reason behind this new war is Donald Trump. You can’t believe it, can you? But it’s true!

The new American president sparked a continental wide war that can soon take over the whole world. This time the reason is a simple competition, which was started by the Dutch. Europe shivers at the moment as the people there wait to see which will be the next country to enter this vigorous clash of nations. This may as well be the end of the EU, and it’s all thanks to The Donald.

It all started when the new American president announced that from now on America will be first. This message was heard loud and clear by all Europe nations and thus the war to be second began. First were the Dutch who tried to win the affection of The Donald. A local satirical show made an introductory video dedicated to Trump to convince him to name them second after America. The whole video is hilarious. They use simple language, which is inherent for the new American president. They even brag about the Afsluitdijk, which is a giant wall that defends The Netherlands from the sea. In the video they explain to Trump that they build a wall to protect themselves “from all the water from Mexico”. What happened next will make you cry… out of laughter.

Soon other countries entered the competition for the second place. Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Denmark and Poland all began trolling Trump and made videos of their own, all mocking his speech patterns and manners. They all make fun of “the wall”, “Alternative facts” and Trump’s misogynistic outbursts. They laugh at his profanity and it’s hilarious. It is. It’s the best! You should watch them.

So far 7 great countries, really great, you’ll love them, entered the competition, but the number increases steadily.

Prepare to burst out laughing and let’s vote who should be second in your opinion. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and help Europe decide who will take the Iron Throne… Wait, this was something different. So join the battle and vote who should be second. Trust me, it’s the best.

2. Lithuania

3. Switzerland

4. Portugal

5. Germany

6. Denmark

7. Belgium

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