Bill Gates Tricked Jimmy Fallon to Drink Water Made From Poop. Very Hilarious!


Imagine yourself drinking water made from your own waste? Sounds disgusting, right? I would not blame you. Just the thought of human waste is already very disgusting. And perhaps you might think that such idea is impossible. Well, in todays era, where technology is at its prime, nothing is impossible.

Watch Jimmy Fallon on one of his shows The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with his special guest, no other than the famous Bill Gates, whose foundation funded the development of Janicki Omniprocessesor created by Janicki Bioenergy. The wonderful technologys primary goal is transform human waste into usable clean water. Sounds Great!


But again, being aware of the origin of the water will probably makes you feel hesitant to drink it. Bill Gates challenged Jimmy to find out which water was bottled water and which one originated from a human waste. Jimmys reaction when he found out Bill Gates rigged the test was so hilarious.

Watch the Amusing Video:

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