5 Winning Tips Casinos Don’t Want You To Know About – WOW!


Casinos are a game of luck – but not entirely. There are professionals who actually make a living from playing Casinos full-time.


We’ve done our research and cut through the garbage to bring you 5 things you need to know before considering Online Casinos in Canada.

#1: Use Risk-Free Starter Bonuses

Competing Casino companies are offering free Starter bonuses to attract new players, usually worth between $20 and $2000.

Use this free money to get used to the game and build your strategy. After all it’s not your money yet, only once you actually deposit you are at a risk of losing money.

#2: Have a good strategy

Slots are really a game of luck. Still you will come out on top with a good strategy you have to choose in advance.

Set how much you’re willing to invest, to lose, and at which amount you want to cash out. Don’t get emotional but follow your strategy instead.

#3: Choose one game and specialize

Experiences is king. Choose one specific Casino Game and become an expert at it – you can get a deeper understanding of the rules and mechanics behind it, which in turn allows you to improve your strategy.

#4: Not All Online Gambling Sites are legal

Playing on regulated online casino websites means that the funds you deposit are safe and you’ll be able to cash out quickly! Be careful and do not play on questionable sites.

If you are not from Canada check your local regulations, in many countries Online Casinos are illegal.

#5: Don’t Get Greedy! Know your limits

Lastly, perhaps the most important rules of all are “Don’t Be Greedy” and “Don’t invest what you can not afford to lose”.

Online casino success is about winning money – not winning money and then losing it all again. Set a target and stick to it.

Let’s say your target is to win $150. Once you reach that amount, cash out your winnings and wait for the casino to offer you another deposit bonus and start again. Know when to quit. Don’t get emotional and keep playing.


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